For Every PO Placed Next Week, Phoenix Will Donate $5 to the Maryland Food Bank!

A message from Jim and Michael:

We are all going through so much right now due to the Covid19 Pandemic and the economic effects. Over the past 5 months, we as company have struggled with feeling helpless and we believe that many of you feel the same way.  A few weeks ago Jim and I were approached by Brittany Holevas, one of our inside sales team members with an idea on somehow raising money or food for a local food bank.     

Her idea sparked an internal conversation where we discussed how blessed everyone here at Phoenix has been throughout this ordeal so we decided to take action. We have always asked ourselves “How can we do good through our business?” so when a team member came to us with her answer, we were so proud of her and then got to work putting a plan together.   

That is why we are reaching out to you today. We came up with a plan where we could raise money for the Maryland Food Bank, helping them during what might one day prove to be the most critical time in their history but also puts some power into the hands of you, our customers.   

It’s a simple plan and all you have to do is send us Purchase Orders. For each PO you send us, we will donate $5 to the Maryland Food Bank.  It doesn’t matter what the size of the PO is or which manufacturer it is for. You will make a difference with every PO you send us from August the 10th through the 14th.     

There is a real need right now for all of us to step up and help our fellow Americans, so please think about this next week.   On behalf of everyone here at Phoenix Sales, Jim and I thank you for your support over the past few months and together lets help the Maryland Food Bank.

Jim Osborne & Michael Smith

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