Exploring Electrical Industry Insights with Eric Cerasale from Bridgeport Fittings!

Hey there, fellow podcast enthusiasts! If you’re craving a jolt of electrifying content, look no further than our latest video episodes on YouTube.

We were absolutely buzzing with excitement as Eric Cerasale, the Technical Sales Manager at Bridgeport Fittings, graced our studio with some truly electrifying stories that left us charged up and ready for more.
In these gripping episodes, we delved deep into Eric’s journey into the electrical industry. From his humble beginnings to his rise as a Technical Sales Manager, Eric shared invaluable insights on the benefits of trade school and how it influenced his career.
And just when you thought the voltage couldn’t get any higher, we flipped the switch on a thrilling Part 2 episode! This time, we plunged into the innovative world of EZ Lock Connectors, a game-changer for contractors everywhere. Eric walked us through the benefits of these cutting-edge connectors, showcasing how they streamline installations and elevate efficiency on the job site.
So, whether you’re a seasoned electrician looking to stay current with the latest innovations or an aspiring apprentice eager to plug into the world of electrical engineering, our podcast episodes with Eric Cerasale are sure to leave you enlightened.
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